Seller(s) guarantees that the puppy is in good health at the time of transfer and is guaranteed from communicated diseases for 72 hours. You are responsible for having the puppy checked by your vet within that time period. The heath guarantee does not cover breed-specific problems or other treatable problems. Bulldogs come with their own set of predisposed problems. It is your responsibility to know what they are and how they will affect your puppy dog before entering this or any other agreement. We will not be responsible for parvo, distemper or kennel cough contacted after the puppy leaves us. Our guarantee does not cover Hypoglycemia, Cherry eye, Elongated soft palate, Stenotic nares, Inverted Tail or Demodectic Mange. We also guarantee our puppy to be free from genetic defects that would be life threatening or not medically manageable until the puppy reaches one (1) year of age. If such circumstances occur, we must be notified immediately and have proof of defect or disease in writing with a diagnosis of their findings, copies of any labs/x-rays or diagnostic procedures and the document from a Certified Licensed Veterinarian stating that the problem is genetic with no possibility of any other cause such as accidents, insect borne diseases, parasites, viruses, etc. The document must include the clinic address, names, phones numbers and license numbers of the Veternarian. Our vet will then examine the document and the puppy and registration papers will need to be returned at Buyer's expense in order to receive a replacement puppy of equal value. A replacement puppy will be offered when one is available. We are not responsible for any vet bills that occur. We cannot be responsible for how much your vet charges you or the knowledge of you vet. You need to consider these things before purchasing a puppy.

Sorry there are no refunds of any kind. That being said the only case in which a refund is granted is if the said puppy should become seriously ill or injured WHILE IN OUR CARE *PRIOR* to shipment and delivery.

Seller will not be held liable for any medical or behavioral problems due to transit. Stowes Bullie Babies (Sue Stowe) will NOT be held liable for any medical or miscellanous expenses incurred after puppy leaves our hands.

We do not let a puppy leave us until we feel like it is ready for the transition and eating well. This puppy will be checked by our vet at 6 weeks and again before leaving us and will include a list of vaccinations, worming and anything that has been done to the puppy. Please contact your vet as to what vaccination schedule he/she wants the puppy on. It is your responsibility to continue the puppy's vaccinations. This puppy will have at least 2 rounds of shots. One at 6 weeks and another at 8 weeks and if not sold by 12 weeks another will be administered. It is your resposibility to protect the puppy from exposure to disease until he/she is fully vaccinated and immune. Please do no take your puppy places until it has had all its vaccinations.

Seller does not guarantee that a male puppy will have two normally descended testicles at maturity or fertility of a a puppy of either sex at maturity.

We cannot guarantee against incompatibility or that your puppy will be the perfect show dog, perfect breeder, the exact weigh or color you want him or her to be, housebroke in a day or week, that he or she won't ever chew up your favorite shoe. But we can guarantee that if you love and care for the puppy properly, you will have a wonderful friend for life.

Buyer's understands that the deposit is non-refundable unless due to the health of the puppy and shipping is at his/her expense unless stated otherwise.

This guarantee applies to the original puppy only and is non-transferable to a second party. Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully. This is a binding contract enforceable in the court of Law in the state of Missouri, county fo Laclede (where all proceedings will be held). This contract must be signed and returned to Sue Stowe within one week after the puppy is delivered. We agree to this contract as established by our signatures below.

In the case of an unconsummated sale per Buyer's election, deposit remains with seller. AKC papers will be provided upon receipt of full payment.

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I (we) have read the above agreement and agree to said conditions.

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