We do not ship outside the USA!

A $300 deposit is needed to hold the puppy of your choice. (The deposit is non-refundable unless something happens to the puppy while in my care before it leaves for its new home). No puppy will be considered sold until a deposit is received. Make sure the puppy you choose is the one you want before you commit. We cannot hold a puppy just because you think you might want it or like it. Also please consider all costs before you put down a deposit on your new puppy.

A puppy must be paid in full before it can be shipped. A shipping fee is extra and it usually runs from 300 dollars to 350 dollars . The payment (e-checks,(they take 3 to 5 days to clear) Walmart Money Grams, and PayPal) has to clear before the puppy will leave my home.

We fly our pups, weather permitting, using Airbound Pets or Ozarkjetapet as our booking companies. Their are only 2 Airlines that fly snub nosed puppies and they are United and Continental Airlines and they don't go into every Airport with puppies. We can meet half way in states that border Missouri without additional cost to buyer. You are always welcome to pick up your puppy personally at my home if you would like to save on shipping costs. We ask that you have the puppy paid for 5 days before it is shipped. If you come to my home to pick up a puppy, please make sure you arrive when you say you will. If for some reason you have problems along the way, just give me a call.